Weekly Events

A listing of weekly Magic events relevant to local players held at Wizards Play Network stores. Standard disclaimer for accuracy of content; still a work in progress.
– Brendan Capel

Authentic DungeonsConfirmFriday6:30 PMConfirm
Gamer's DenCommanderFriday6:00 PMFREE
Red Claw GamingDraftMonday6:30 PM$21.75
Red Claw GamingModernTuesday6:30 PM$14
Red Claw GamingCommanderThursday6:00 PMOne Pack
Red Claw GamingDraftFriday6:30 PM$26.50
Star Lotus Games Inc.PauperWednesday6:30 PMFREE
Star Lotus Games Inc.CommanderFriday6:30 PMFREE
Star Lotus Games Inc.CommanderSaturday12:00 PMFREE
Star Lotus Games Inc.CommanderSunday12:00 PMFREE
Table Top CafeConfirmConfirmConfirmConfirm
Taps GamesCommanderWednesday6:00 PMFREE
Taps GamesPioneerThursday6:30 PM$12
Taps GamesDraftFriday7:00 PMConfirm
Taps GamesCommanderFriday6:00 PMConfirm
Taps GamesCommanderSaturday6:00 PMConfirm
Taps GamesModernSunday1:00 PMConfirm
The Time VaultConfirmConfirmConfirmConfirm
Top Deck GamesConfirmConfirmConfirmConfirm
Warp OnePioneerMonday6:30 PM$8
Warp OneModernTuesday6:30 PM$15
Warp OneCommanderWednesday6:00 PMFREE
Warp OneDraftThursday6:30 PMConfirm
Warp OneDraftFriday6:30 PMVARIES
Warp ThreeDraftWednesday6:00 PMVARIES
Warp ThreeCommanderThursday6:00 PMFREE
Warp ThreeModernFriday6:00 PM$14
Warp TwoCommanderMondayALL DAYFREE
Warp TwoCommanderTuesdayALL DAYFREE
Warp TwoModernWednesday6:30 PM$10
Warp TwoModernFriday6:30 PM$15
Warp TwoLegacySunday*ConfirmConfirm
Wizards' on 109thCommanderWednesdayConfirmConfirm
Wizards' on 109thDraftFridayConfirmConfirm
Wizards' on 109thStandardSaturday12:00 PMConfirm
Wizards' on 109thModernSaturday12:00 PMConfirm
Wizards' on 109thPioneerThursdayConfirmConfirm

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