Weekly Events

A listing of weekly Magic events relevant to local players held at Wizards Play Network stores. Standard disclaimer for accuracy of content; still a work in progress.
– Brendan Capel

Apt To GameCommanderFriday6:30 PMFREE
Apt To GameDraftFriday6:30 PM$18.50
Apt To GameStandardSaturday1:00 PMFREE
Gamer's DenPauperMonday6:30 PM$10
Gamer's DenPioneerTuesday6:30 PM$10
Gamer's DenStandardWednesday6:30 PM$10
Gamer's DenCommanderFriday6:00 PMFREE
Gamer's DenSaturdayModern5:00 PM$10
Gamers' LodgeDraftFriday??
Gamers' LodgeStandardWednesday??
Mission: Fun & GamesDraftSunday1:00 PMTBD
Mission: Fun & GamesStandardTuesday6:30 PM$8
Mission: Fun & GamesModernFriday*6:30 PM$8
Mission: Fun & GamesCommanderFriday*6:30 PM$5/FREE
Red Claw GamingCommanderThursday6:30 PMOne Pack
Red Claw GamingDraftFriday6:30 PM$21
Red Claw GamingDraftMonday6:30 PM$21
Star Lotus Games Inc.CommanderSunday11:30 AMFREE
Star Lotus Games Inc.ModernMonday6:30 PM$10
Star Lotus Games Inc.Draft [FNM]Friday6:30 PM$10
Star Lotus Games Inc.ModernThursday6:30 PM$10
Star Lotus Games Inc.StandardWednesday6:30 PMFREE
Star Lotus Games Inc.CommanderFriday6:00 PMFREE
Star Lotus Games Inc.PioneerTuesday6:30 PM$10
Taps For Effect GamesCommanderWednesday6:30 PMFREE
Taps For Effect GamesCommanderMonday6:30 PMFREE
Taps For Effect GamesDraftTuesday6:30 PM$14
Taps For Effect GamesPioneerSaturday1:00 PM$8
Taps For Effect GamesModernSunday1:00 PM$13
Taps For Effect GamesCommanderSaturday6:30 PMFREE
Taps For Effect GamesStandardThursday6:30 PMFREE
Taps For Effect GamesDraft [FNM]Friday7:00 PM$18
Taps For Effect GamesModernFriday7:00 PM$5
Training GroundsCommanderWednesday6:00 PMFREE
Training GroundsCommanderTuesday6:00 PMFREE
Training Grounds DraftFriday7:00 PM$20
Training Grounds CommanderSaturday1:00 PMFREE
Training Grounds StandardSaturday1:00 PM$10
Training Grounds PioneerSunday1:00 PM$10
Warp OneCommanderWednesday6:30 PMFREE
Warp OneStandardSunday12:00 PMFREE
Warp OneDraft [FNM]Friday6:30 PM$14
Warp OnePioneerFriday6:30 PM$10
Warp OneModernTuesday6:30 PM$10
Warp One'Wacky' DraftThursday6:30 PM$11
Warp ThreeModern [FNM]Friday6:00 PM$14
Warp ThreeDraftWednesday6:00 PM$17
Warp ThreeCommanderThursday6:00 PMFREE
Warp ThreePioneerMonday6:00 PM$5
Warp ThreeStandard [FNM]Friday6:00 PM$14
Warp TwoDraftSaturday6:30 PMVARIES
Warp TwoCommanderTuesday6:00 PMFREE
Warp TwoPioneerWednesday6:30 PM$12
Warp TwoLegacyFriday6:30 PM$12
Warp TwoDraftFriday6:30 PM$20
Warp TwoModernFriday6:30 PM$12
Warp TwoStandardThursday6:30 PM$8
Warp TwoCommanderMonday6:00 PMFREE
Wizards' on 109thCommanderWednesday6:30 PMFREE
Wizards' on 109thDraftTuesday6:30 PM$20
Wizards' on 109thDraft [FNM]Friday6:30 PM$20
Wizards' on 109thStandardSaturday12:30 PM$10
Wizards' on 109thModernTuesday6:30 PMFREE
Wizards' on 109thCommanderThursday6:30 PMFREE
Wizards' SherwoodDraft [FNM]Friday6:30 PM$20
Wizards' SherwoodCommanderSunday12:00 PMFREE
Wizards' SherwoodModernMonday6:30 PM$10
Wizards' SherwoodStandardSaturday12:00 PM$10

Last major update May 14th, 2019.